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Described a new species of orchid in Colombia

‘Cyclopogon antioquiensis’ is the name given by scientists of the new species located in the West Andes in the Antioquia department

Cristina G. Pedraz/DICYT Scientists of the University of Gdańsk (Poland) have described a new species of orchid in Colombia that was named Cyclopogon antioquiensis. Until now, its presence has only been known in the West Andes in the Antioquia department, where it grows at about 1.350 meters of altitude above sea level.


The researchers have been able to verify that Cyclopogon antioquiensis’ blooming happens in January. Additionally, since just one sample is known, the state of preservation of this orchid species still cannot be determined. However, they point out, “due to the fact that Cyclopogon flowers are not pleasing or attractive for horticulturists and that the plants are difficult to be cultivated, the risk of having them collected is not significant”.


After this new discovery, there are, until now, three species of type Cyclopogon subtype Cyclopogon described in the scientific literature: C. ovalifolium, widely spread in the Andes, C. secundum, located in Ecuador and the recently described C. antioquiensis. The species C. antioquiensis may be different compared to the other members of Cyclopogon subtype Cyclopogon described until now because of its labellum (a characteristic part of the orchids’ flower) “shaped like a small claw, with auricles embellished by projections similar to horns and prominent petals constrained under the tip”, the scientists explain in an article published in the magazine Polish Botanical Journal.


Colombia is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in Latin America. It has been estimated that approximately 50.000 flower species and, more specifically, the largest amount of orchid species in the world, to which this new discovery may be added.


Additionally, the type Cyclopogon includes 80 species spread from the South of Florida until Tropical America (they may be found in almost all the countries of the American continent except Canada and Chile). In Colombia, there are 12 orchid species of type Cyclopogon described, five of them in the Antioquia department, where they grow above 1.500 meters of altitude.




Szlachetko, D. L., y Kolanowska, M. (2014). “A new species of Cyclopogon (Orchidaceae, Spiranthoideae) from Colombia”. Polish Botanical Journal, 59, 1. DOI: 10.2478/pbj-2014-0003