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Mobilising Internet stakeholders

The MAPPING project mobilises 130 stakeholders in Rome to talk about Internet privacy, intellectual property and Internet governance

‘MAPPING’ is an EU-financed project about Privacy, Intellectual Property Rights and Internet Governance

DICYT ‘MAPPING’ is an EU-financed project built around a core idea to mobilise a wide spectrum of stakeholders and major actors and get them involved in an informed discussion on three complementary focus areas: Privacy, Intellectual Property Rights and Internet Governance.


The first event inviting relevant stakeholders was the Extraordinary General Assembly, held in Rome on May 20-21, 2014. The Assembly brought together 130 experts, academics, decision-makers and practitioners. It was opened by a workshop entitled “On-line mass surveillance, security and privacy: is an international treaty the only way forward?”. This provoked a discussion among all those present on issues surrounding current and future Internet governance, one of the key areas of the project. The discussion also took on an added dimension by dealing with the possible evolution of multiple parallel Internets, the nature of such Internets and their relevance or otherwise to a new Internet Treaty. Three half-day thematic sessions followed, on each on the three MAPPING focus areas entitled respectively:

• “Reforming Internet governance regarding surveillance”;
• “Privacy, Economy & Security”; and
• “The EU IP Law and Policy: What next?”


The call for stakeholder involvement in the early stages of the MAPPING project marks the starting point of an on-going process of debate and discussion. The MAPPING project is planned to run until at least 2018.


The MAPPING project is a Science & Society project that aims to create an all-round and “joined-up” understanding of the many and varied economic, social, legal and ethical aspects of the recent developments on the Internet, and their consequences for the individual and society at large.